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Dehanna Bailee is an author, designer, and freelance writer with more than ten years in the industry. Overall, she has been directly involved in the publication of more than sixty-five titles--several of which were award-winning titles; stocked in grocery stores, gift shops, international libraries, and more; and one of which has already been distributed at two national industry conventions--and through her involvment in the industry, her influence has helped authors in the publication of thousands more.

Until late 2014, she provided professional graphic/book design services to a select, professional base of local and international authors and clients; however, due to a chronic health issue that has negatively affected her vision, she is presently on sabbatical in order to try to heal.

She has published both traditionally and independently and titles include Terrakis Five: A Brigadier's Soul, Calypso’s Revenge: A Traitor’s Heart, True Nature, For Better or Worse, The ABC's of POD: A Beginner's Guide to Fee-Based Print-on-Demand Publishing, Independent Decisions, Ten Preps for POD, Barn and Snow: A Holiday Poetry Anthology, to wound the autumnal city: a dyingdays.com 9-11 anthology, Cooking by the Book, My Momma is a Fugitive from the FBI, and NUW Roads Travelled.

Her editorial and design firm, EditWriteDesign.com, is listed on WritersMarket.com under professional services. WritersMarket.com "uses their own discretion and best judgment in deciding which companies to list or not list." Writer's Market makes "every effort to avoid listing disreputable companies by screening listings, searching for feedback on companies, and listening to feedback from writers." (More info about her services here).

Past assignments include working with a public relations firm, as a web-designer, and as a book designer along with other positions in various private businesses. She's also previously served as the Editor for both The Source and The Notebook and Pen and still serves as the Host of the Original POD Database which was selected as a Top 101 Websites for Writers by Writers Digest Magazine.

Her personal work has been reviewed at SPAWN, Midwest Book Review, Blether, WordThunder, ApollosLyre, Huntress Reviews, Fallen Angel Reviews, Round Table Reviews, Romance Readers Connection; featured and reviewed at Myshelf.com and Twisted Tales; featured in Writer's Journal Magazine, at The Road to Romance, Dying Days.com, and WebProNews; and recommended by SPAWN, U-publish, Fern Reiss, Dan Poynter, Grace Publishing, Preditors and Editors™, Published.com, and Writers Digest Magazine.

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